Yacht Brokerage Services

Professional Brokers with Integrity

We are marine professionals that became sales professionals. Our entire crew consists of people that came up through the ranks of working on yachts.  This created a platform of integrity based individuals who are no strangers to “rolling up their sleeves” to go above and beyond.

What can yacht broker do for you?

A broker will find you the yacht/boat that best fits your needs.

Sell your boat for you when it is time to move on or upgrade. Make sure that you are protected on the transaction both on the buying and the selling end of a transaction.

Provide tons of real world experience to be an extremely valuable aid in the evaluation of any boat.

Be there for all steps of the purchase or sales process Be there after the sale for any of your needs after the sale.


What qualities do I look for in a broker?

A good yacht broker is a person who is well educated and experienced on an important variety of items closely related to the buying and selling of a yacht/boat.

In addition to knowledge and experience they should be armed with the current tools as well as all necessary licenses, bonding and training.

A good broker will stay current on market values and be extremely knowledgeable on the inner workings of any boat that you may come across. Let's not forget the two biggest qualities - honesty and integrity.